What we do

Conix Consultancy focusses on consulting in the areas of strategy, organization, IT and performance improvement. We will help your organization to find the right market, the right value proposition, the right IT structures to transform the business and the operational excellence needed to win.

Conix Consultancy is a Dutch consultancy firm based in The Hague, with a world wide focus. Conix Consultancy focuses on strategic consulting in the Information Technology and Services area. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to strategy, architecture, roadmaps, strategic IT plans and consultancy in the areas of cloud, mobile, analytics and cyber security. Conix Consultancy works with a team of dedicated professionals to ensure optimal solutions for its customers.

At Conix consultancy, we don’t believe in just consulting, we believe in doing just that little bit extra. We will go the extra mile for our customers, but we also take our social responsibility very seriously.¬†We aim to provide a percentage of our profits to projects that make a social impact, but we also aim to make this impact through the work we carry out in emerging markets.